Title: Etude sur l’empathie
Year: 2019
Publisher: HEAD-Genève

Thomas Liu Le Lann

Marie Mottaz

Eva Zornio

Davide-Christelle Sanvee

Pauline Coquart

Lim & Pesso

Lauren Huret

Lou Cohen

Juliet Lakhdari

Anne Le Troter

Charlotte Laubard


Etudes sur l’empathie [Studies on Empathy] borrows its title from a research project by artist Eva Zornio, which takes the form of a study. The exhibition assembles works by a dozen artists from HEAD—Genève. Each work sketches a singular relationship with empathy, leading viewers to ponder its ability to summon this feeling.

« Empathy. The word is everywhere. These days, we lament that it is lacking in the face of the migrant tragedy and the gradual spread of hate speech. It has become a qualitative criterion that is measurable through tests in human resources management. It is invoked to reassure ourselves as we face the approaching interference of artificial intelligence in all of the interstices of our social life. Since the discovery of mirror neurons, it is one of cognitive science’s favourite subjects of study. » Charlotte Laubard