Title: Ordos
Photographer: Adrien Golinelli
Publisher: Kehrer Verlag
Year: 2015

Offset Printed
Hard Cover + Embossing
216 pages
24,9 x 2,5 x 30,2 cm
1000 Copies


The city of Ordos in China has only existed for a few years, but is already a ghost-town. One of countless new city projects in China, Ordos is the biggest, the most megalomaniac and the worst situated one: in the middle of inner Mongolia’s vast steppe in a region lacking water and trees. Originally, Ordos was set to welcome at least a million inhabitants but repelled by its harsh climate and exorbitant prices, barely a few thousand ever settled. There is no activity in Ordos, except building Ordos. Here Adrien Golinelli documents this bizarre place.